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The Smart Way To Tech

SoftLinn is Software Development company that provides services on Web development, Software development, and Test automation, based New York/USA. SoftLinn offers software that will open new horizons to you with its team of experts in the latest technological developments. SoftLinn's solutions with the latest technologies used in the USA, the center of technology, take you beyond your estimates.

SoftLinn does not aim to meet the needs of its customers, but to bring its customers to the forefront in their field. Technology makes your work easier, brings you to new audiences; the latest technology makes you unrivaled. SoftLinn aims to make you unrivaled.

    Our Mission

    With our software development, and consultancy services, we support organizations, facilitate their work, and encourage them to be a pioneer of change. With our quality, speed, aesthetics and integrity, we help them to use technology in problem solving, business development, and competition.

    Our Vision

    To be a reliable company known for its achievements, and quality on the global platform, producing original, and aesthetic solutions, directing the sector.

    Our Values

    • Honesty • Reliability • Work ethic
    • Customer Focus • Quality • Responsibility
    • Continuous learning • Innovativeness
    • Team work • Aesthetic
    • Adding new, and latest values to our customers

    Why Choose Us

    What we promise high quality IT Agency Services

    We are customer oriented
    Customer satisfaction is the main goal for us. Our customer's goals are the starting point for us. Our solutions are always beyond the goals of our customers.

    • We Love Our Job
      In our age, we know the importance of technology in the business world, and we do our job fondly. We do every job like it is our own company job, and care about every detail.
    • We Offer More Than Expected
      After understanding the expectations of our customers, we move these expectations forward with our experience, and produce easy-to-use, aesthetic solutions in a short time. We are aware that time is money in the corporate world.

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